Sunday, April 27, 2008

Coming Attraction

Not that I think anyone really reads this blog, but I wanted to let the Internet (whom I have named Alvin) know I will post something again one day. Maybe in the near future, maybe not. You never know when I'm going to strike; that's the way I roll. In the mean time, I'll leave you (being Alvin) with the image that now graces my computer background. It explains so much.


ReBecca said...

Alvin and I enjoy your blog. Thank you for reading mine :)

Mel said...

This one is my personal favorite -
Everytime I see it, David Bowie and Queen start singing in the background.

ReBecca said...

LOL that is a great one! (and now that song is stuck in my head)
This is my fav.
It proudly hangs above my desk :)

Laura said...

Check out this one:

ReBecca said...

LOL thats a funny (and gross) one